Hydraulic brakes have bleeder valves that use brake fluid like a car for the braking system. The bleeder valves allow for the brake fluid to be released. The master cylinder holds the brake fluid in the go karts hydraulic brake system.


Hydraulic brakes are briefly explained in the video transcript below.


Hello, welcome to another edition of Two Minute Tek. I’m going to talk a little bit about hydraulic brakes and how to bleed them.The term bleeding means instead of using a mechanical structure to brake or to move your brake pads, you’re now using a brake fluid like they do in a car.


The brake fluid comes from the master cylinder which is placed at the front of the go kart where the actual pedal is pulling and when it is pushed down it pushes fluid through these lines into your brake caliber Once that done its squeezes your pads onto your disc.


In order to bleed them you need to use these little bleeder valves and what you do is have somebody push down on the front and you open up the bleeder valve one side or the other and air or air and fluid will come out of the bleeder valve. Then you need to tighten it back down before the person up front releases the break


So the sequence is

• Push the brake pedal down

• Release the bleeder valve

• Let the air and fluid come out

• Tighten down the bleeder valve

• Then release the brake pedal

• Do that over and over until you get straight fluid out of your bleeder valve


Hope this was helpful; this has been another episode of Two Minute Tek.