The biggest difference between the centrifugal clutch and the torque converter is the price.  However, if working on larger, more advanced and powerful go karts, it is important for users to purchase a torque converter.  The torque converter allows the motor to transfer power at different times.  The centrifugal clutch is better for karts with little horsepower. 


Below the difference explained in the video in the video transcript.


Hello, Rob Dicken here with another episode of Two Minute Tek. I’d just like to briefly go over the centrifugal clutch vs. the torque converter.


The main differences between the two are price, when it comes down to it most people can get by with a centrifugal clutch. However, if you get into a bigger go kart here like the arachnid here, you have a little bit more weight and you may want to do more things with it. So at that point, you may want to still only spend the money you are going to spend on a 6 horsepower motor but buy a torque converter.


What the torque converter will do it will allow your motor to transfer power at different times when it is needed so with the centrifugal clutch you only have one gear ratio as with the torque converter it has expanding and opposing pulleys on either side. So when you need more power it allows more power it allows more power to be sent back to your drive chain.


The basic difference is the torque converter is a little bit more money and it also allows you to use a smaller motor and have more power back to your back end. So if you don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on a big motor then you can buy a torque converter and get a little bit more power and a little bit more usefulness out of a small motor.


Hope this has been helpful, thanks for joining us for another addition of Two Minute Tek.