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Everything you need (minus engine and clutch) to build a go kart. This complete kit from Azusa includes instructions on how to put together the go kart and has all of the hardware necessary to put it together, including the frame.

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This complete kart has everything you need (less engine and clutch) to put together a working go-kart. It features a completed frame, 5" Nylon rims, 1" live steel rear axle, and all of the other go-kart necessities such as steering wheel, spindles, brakes, and more. Look no further if you want everything at once.


Since its humble beginnings in the late 1950’s as a recreational past-time, Karting has evolved into a highly competitive racing sport taken very seriously by its enthusiasts.

It all began, however, with the “fun” or “yard” kart, which today remains the single most common starting point, not only for kart racers, but many worldfamous racing car champions. If you were looking to buy a competitively-priced fun kart that is nevertheless “a cut above” in quality, your decision to purchase this kit is a wise one.

This iset is made of high-quality components, carefully selected and built to last. Many components are standard equipment on top-of-theline racing karts. We are confident that you will not find a better kit anywhere for the price.

This kit is an excellent place to start. Treat your assembly and driving with respect and remain focused on safety and you may have many hours of fun and excitement.

Customer Comments

"My son and I needed a project we could do together. He wanted something to satisfy his urge for excitement, and I wanted something that would teach him about hard work, tools and safety, and self esteem from achieving something on his own. Could NOT have asked for a better project!! This kit is very well constructed, has everything it says it has (everything you need 'cept an engine and clutch), and step by step instructions that even a 13 year-old can follow and complete. The instructions state supervision and quality assurance are the key to success in motorized vehicle kits, and while I certainly wouldn't let him do this without me, he certainly could complete it himself with minimal support. A great experience for both of us, and a fun ride for him to enjoy and show off. Thanks."

This kit was very good...anyone with moderate wrench skills can put it together. My son and I (5 yr old) put this kit together in a weekend. It was fun to let him put the bolts and nuts on the wheels, as well as various other parts. I mounted a 6 HP Subaru motor on it and my son loves it.

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