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Build a go kart with SpiderCarts' Go Kart Plans.

These are the blueprints you need to build your go kart frame.

Save time and get ideas by using these plans as a starting point for your go kart!

Seven different plans to give you plenty of inspiration.

Detailed Blueprints Get You Started Fast

How to guide in simple easy steps: parts and materials; tools needed; diagrams and assembly instructions; full color photos.

Easy to Advanced Plans For All Skill Levels

We have a range of plans for all skill levels. Whether this is your first build or you are an old hand in the shop, we've got you covered!

Instant Download So You Can Start Today!

Our plans our instant download. Print them out from your own computer in minutes. PDF guides readable on PC, Mac, or iPad.

Bonus Guides and Plans for Extra Help

We also have included a bonus intro to welding guide, access to instructional videos, and bonus plans

Easy Go Karts

These three karts represent the easist karts to build and are a ton of fun. All of them are great intro karts for a new builder or for the kids in the family! The Recluse is a great all-arounder which can be stretched for many purposes and is a great race kart.

The Recluse
A great all around kart with wonderful opportunities for customization. Stretch or shrink to fit your needs, this is a fantastic design that produces a low weight, killer fast kart!

The BlackWidow
Small but deadly. The Black Widow is designed to get you out karting in no time! Featured in Popular Mechanics and still a classic. A great beginner's project but still tough!

Master Go Karts

The Master Karts are a step up in complexity and attitude. They both feature swing-arm rear suspension, more aggressive brakes, and really tear it up. These are your classic back yard bombers and are great builds.

The Scorpion
Our killer three wheeled go kart design. It's got a huge mono rear wheel with suspension that makes it a donut machine! Interchangeable sub-frame with Tarantula.

The Tarantula
With rear suspension and a big frame, it's ready for action wherever you take! Sister to the Scorpion. A slightly more advanced kart and a ton of fun!

Pro Go Karts

The Pro Karts are our top sellers by far. Full suspension with with swing-arm suspension on the rear and independent A-arm suspension on the front. Rack and pinion steering. One or two seat models. These are the top of the line and very impressive.

The Arachnid
Our top of the line kart with front and rear suspension and a lot of attitude! With an aggressive look, and some aggressive performance. If you're ready for a challenge, this is for you!

The GrandDaddy
The Grand Daddy of them all. This two-seat, dual suspension kart makes Karting a team activity. This is a really heavy duty machine that is a fun project to build.

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I recently purchased the plans. They look great and my son and I are ready to start building!


Have received the plans AOK! The money spent on the plans will be saved massively in my time and effort.


Got them! Looking forward to building cart with my son. I am very impressed in the detail of the plans. Thank-you.


When taking apart the engine of a go kart it is always important to keep safety in mind. Starting the process firs drain the oil from the engine and then remove the clutch, pulley and the blower housing. The blower housing has three bolts that need to be loosened in order to properly remove this component. After this is complete, proceed to remove the cylinder head bolts and the end case bolts. There are several of these bolts that need to be removed. Next it’s time to remove the engine end cover, the crankshaft and the tappets. Read More


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Personalizing a Go Kart

10/26/12 5:16 AM

Personalizing a Go Kart Investing time into building a go kart will make it more enjoyable when it comes to driving the go kart. Go kart plans offer many different options for customizing and building new and innovating go karts that can’t possibly be replicated. Go karts can have any type of designs when painted. In addition to paint colors, any type of seat cover can be purchased to enhance the style of a go kart and add make it more personalized. Read More
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Finding Go Kart Pieces

10/26/12 4:47 AM

When building a go kart, it is essential to the build to know exactly what parts are needed to make the process successful. The components of a go kart can be found at a number of places. Welding tools and metal can be found at local hardware stores and small parts like nuts, bolts, steering kits, centrifugal clutches and other parts can be found online at Spider Carts. Go kart engines can also be ordered online from specialty stores in many different brands and quality depending on what is needed or desired for a specific go kart. Read More
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